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Whether you've laid bricks before or just sketched your dream house on a napkin, here is the roadmap to building your perfect home.

Discovery & Design

Pick Location, Homesite, and Plan Ideas

 You decide WHAT you want and WHERE.  Now, Gammon Construction is going to show you HOW building a new home can be fun and simple.  Not sure where to start?  Click the link for our home plans and design inspiration!

Work with bank on Pre-approval

You can work with your bank or we can provide some options that we have worked with in the past. 

Complete the New Home Design Questionnaire

This is meant to help guide you through the thought process of what details and finishes go into a house so we can provide an accurate estimate with appropriate allowances. The more details the better!

This is where that Pinterest board will come in handy! Beyond walls and windows, outlining the specific functionalities you envision. Do you dream of a gourmet kitchen with professional appliances? A home theater with immersive acoustics? Clearly outlining these details ensures builders factor them into their bids, avoiding costly surprises later.

From luxurious marble countertops to energy-efficient windows, every material choice impacts the final cost. Specifying desired materials upfront allows builders to provide precise estimates and avoid ambiguity.

Every change you make after the initial bid comes with an additional cost. By providing extensive details like desired fixtures, plumbing layouts, and even landscaping preferences, you minimize the need for change orders and keep your project on budget.

Have house plans drawn or selected

We recommend Alex Dunn at Homes Unique or we can work with an architect of your choice.  We have worked closely with Alex since the beginning of Gammon Construction  and he has extensive expertise, unwavering focus on every element, and a streamlined timeline, guaranteeing your dream home takes shape quickly and impeccably

2-3 Weeks

We will gather bids for final home price

This is where we will take your preliminary plans and the New Home Design Questionnaire and establish a price for your turn key home.  

Review and adjust OR sign home contract and pay deposit

Once you have personalized your home its time for paperwork.  At This time we collect the building deposit and can get started at a decided upon time.  

Final approval sign off of house plans before going to engineering

This will be the final sign off on your house plans before breaking ground

Submit contract to bank for construction loan

We recommend Alex Dunn at Homes Unique or we can work with an architect of your choice

Site Visit 1

Rough stake house box for plot plan and apply for septic permit

You will walk your homesite with our project manager to determine the best location for your home, water service, driveway, any future detached buildings or pool. 

Selections Made

We will take a day together to visit our supplier showrooms to make final selections and order materials.  Items like Windows, doors, trim design, flooring, garage door, countertops, backsplash, brick color, and siding need to be decided in the very beginning. 

2-3 weeks

Apply for building permits

We'll handle this AFTER engineering, septic permit, and bank approval are complete. 

Breaking Ground

This is when we dig footings, pour foundation, and frame the house

Site Visit 2

Pre-Rough-In Walk

Once your home is fully framed we schedule a walk through together.  At this meeting you can select where plumbing spigots, electric outlets, TV Cables and lights will be located.  

Order Cabinets

Final decision for cabinets will be made at this point. Cabinets not only limited to the kitchen, but bathrooms, laundry rooms etc

Site Visit 3

Pre-Drywall Walk

Once all rough-ins are complete we will do another walk through before drywall is installed.  This is to confirm all plumbing, HVAC, and electric are placed according to our pre-rough-in walk

Drywall and Cabinets

Sheetrock and cabinets will be installed

Final Paint selections

At this point we'll need final paint colors and their desired location in your home

Site Visit 4

Interior Trim Walk

After cabinets are installed we will meet with the trim contractor to go over any specifications for decorative wood trim throughout the interior of the home.  

Interior Finishes

We'll finish up everything inside: paint, flooring, plumbing, HVAC, electric etc

Site Visit 5

Blue tape walk

Once your home is 98% complete we will go through all areas of the home looking for any imperfections. We will put blue painters tape on any cosmetic paint issues and note any other areas needing attention.  At this meeting bring any questions or concerns as this will be the last meeting before your new home orientation and closing.

Punch list

During the week following the blue tape walk through we will work on correcting any imperfections and sending any information requested by the bank for the closing

Site Visit 6

New Home orientation

At this point the home will be at 100% and ready for closing.  We will have all warranty information, subcontractor lists, and a 100% completion sheet for you to sign stating that all the items from the Blue Tape Walk were complete

Closing/Moving day!

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