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About Gammon Construction

Award-winning Home Builder, Gammon Construction’s passion comes from knowing that we’ve carefully managed, protected and added value to your home – one of your most important financial & personal assets – and that we have become friends and trusted advisors for all improvements to your property.


Visiting you in your finished home is always a celebration and acknowledgement of the creativity, communication, and mutual respect that built your home. We are an Unlimited Licensed Builder and are not limited by project size or value.


Gammon Construction understands that building a new custom efficient home is a creative and collaborative process. We strive to provide a total team effort dedicated to fulfilling clients’ dreams and desires from concept to completion. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.


Gammon Construction transforms clients’ visions into elegant, fashionable, timeless homes while maintaining a reputation for skilled craftsmanship, superior quality, and incomparable client service.

If you are searching for a general contractor or new home builder in the Johhnston, Wayne or surrounding area, look no further than Gammon Construction.


Our Process

Our Pre-Construction Checklist outline for the typical steps normally assumed prior to construction activity. This checklist will walk you step by step through the design phase through beginning of construction..


  • We review our building process with you and discuss the timeline for your build.

  • If you have a design in mind already, we will discuss your wish list and priorities for your home design.

  • Finally in this phase, we will look at your budget as well as direct you toward qualifying for construction loan financing if needed.



  • Together we will review your floor plan sketch and/or your architectural drawings.

  • We will then walk the lot or location of the project with you.

  • Environmental Health applications / well & septic (if applicable) will be submitted.

  • Lastly we will review zoning and site setbacks (if applicable)


Construction projects are always a creative and collaborative process, so we partner with seasoned Professionals and Craftsmen to ensure a smooth build:

  • Architect (if applicable)

  • Surveyor

  • Structural Engineer

  • Mortgage Lender (if applicable)



  • We review the finalized floor plans and preliminary site plan with you and confirm the final design direction.

  • We discuss material, designs and furniture needs.

  • Lastly we will review and fine-tune all specifications such as Siding/Brick/Shingles Veneer, Exterior Doors/Windows, Garage Door Design, Shutters, etc., that will assist us in narrowing down your budget figures.



  • During this phase, final plans will be reviewed and confirmed.

  • We will guide you in your budget allowance figures for those items such as Cabinets, Counter-tops, Appliances, Flooring, Lighting, and Plumbing Fixtures.



  • After confirming all details of your build project, we will execute the contract and specification agreement.

  • Also we will discuss the utilization of our Online Construction Management Software that will further enhance your home building experience.



  • We will complete permit applications and make submissions to municipality for all building and mechanical permits required.



Thank you for taking the time to read through our process. It’s nothing proprietary or anything and it is likely the exact path all Builders take. We hope this information has been helpful and will serve as a useful guide when we get started. Contact Drew to start today! 919-427-8625

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

We will meet with you at our office or your location to discuss your ideas and plans and determine the best strategy and next steps to move forward.

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Design & Construction Estimate

We will connect you with the right professionals to get you project designed and engineered as needed. Then we will provide you with a turn-key estimate along with connect you with financing if needed.

On-Site Walk-Throughs

Throughout the construction process we will schedule times to walk through and keep you up to date on the progress and options you have at each stage for upgrades or selections.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

The Finishing


As we finalize your project we will do a final walk through to ensure all aspects of the job are up to your satisfaction. After the walk through we will correct any imperfections and make sure your project is something you are proud to show off!

A wood and white kitchen

Our Quality Guarantee & Warranty

Every Which Way You Look, We’ve Got You Covered

Gammon Construction truly provides the best of both worlds. You receive both the dedicated service of a committed and responsive local company and the assurances of a written warranty.


Your new home, garage, addition, deck, sunroom, porch, or other custom project is backed by Gammon Construction’s written warranty for workmanship of one-year ¹ and structural integrity of five years² when Gammon Construction exerts control as your contractor³. That warranty guarantees that your project will be completed to the terms of your contract and built to the agreed-upon specification and a warranty of performance for up to one-year.


In addition, depending on the building materials you select, manufacturers’ warranties may apply to protect you against defects in materials.

And in case that isn’t enough, Gammon Construction maintains a liability coverage and full workers compensation insurance to protect you from any possible mishaps.


Simply put, not many other contractors in the construction industry provides this level of client assurance and protection. Meaning that when you elect to work with Gammon Construction, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy quality construction levels and unmatched protections not available from any other builder.

  1. “Workmanship” defects include splitting, severe warping or cupping of building materials, leaking roofs, or shifting patio pavers.

  2. “Structural” defects apply only to the structural fitness of components such as footings, paver patio base material, columns, beams, joists, rafters, stair stringers, and railing posts and rails.

  3. Please note that all manufactured items such as pressure-treated lumber, composite and synthetic decking, roofing shingles, windows, pavers, HVAC equipment and all electrical components, and outdoor kitchen components are covered under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.


If you have questions about our warranty, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

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